NYPD detective Joseph Lemm was a true patriot, serving his country for decades. He was killed on Dec. 21 in a suicide bombing. Pictured is his son, age 4, saluting his late father.

Lemm, nicknamed “Superman,” served three tours on the Air National Guard. Two of his tours were in Afghanistan, and one tour in Iraq. Lemm was killed by a suicide bomber in his second tour in Afghan.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton spoke at his eulogy. “Three times, this war took him thousands of miles away from his family, and the city and country he so dearly loved. And now it has taken him farther than miles. It has taken him to a new post in eternity.”

Lemm had a wife, 17-year-old daughter, and 4-year-old son. They need our support. Will you pray for Sgt. Lemm and his family?

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